Empower your IoT vision with Moddable

Moddable brings the JavaScript ecosystem to embedded software development

What is Moddable?

Moddable is transforming how embedded software is built by bringing the same JavaScript language that powers the web to the low-cost hardware that powers consumer and industrial IoT products..

Software developers are now free to use many standard web development tools instead of wrestling with proprietary embedded SDKs. The Moddable SDK integrates support for networking, sensors, visually rich touch displays, security, audio, data storage, and more.

Enterprises building with the Moddable SDK realize a faster time to market with more secure and reliable products. Enterprises can unlock the full potential of their hardware, minimize the need for customer support through an easy-to-understand touchscreen interface and deliver updates faster with Moddable's modular update technology.

Why companies choose the Moddable

Moddable empowers companies to deliver innovative IoT products for consumer and industrial applications by connecting their developers to the proven power of the web ecosystem. By building with Moddable, companies can rapidly bring to market the next generation of smart, connected IoT products that are easy-to-use, reliable, and secure. Leveraging the power and flexibility of JavaScript for embedded devices


Embedded JavaScript

Leveraging the power and flexibility of JavaScript in embedded software

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Secure & Reliable

Delivering products that operate safely and correctly while respecting user privacy

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Open & Standard

Innovating in IoT through open standards and open source

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Enabling dynamic, immersive experiences through vivid and versatile displays

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New Hardware Launch: Moddable Display

Moddable Display is a beautiful way to bring your projects into your home or office. Its sleek curve and polished surface look great everywhere. Inside is a familiar Moddable development board with an expansion port for additional components.

Moddable Customers

Embedded JavaScript Ecosystem

Moddable enables DeFi innovator’s contract with Hardened JavaScript

With its XS JavaScript engine and collaborative approach to achieving the unique requirements of each customer, Moddable was able to help Agoric realize its vision to bring blockchain programming to the vast ecosystem of JavaScript developers to build, deploy, and operate sophisticated smart contracts, Dapps, NFTs, and DeFi markets.

IoT Development for ESP32 and ESP8266 with JavaScript

Not sure where to start? Our new book is the fastest way to learn how to use Moddable SDK in your commercial IoT product or weekend project. There's even an introduction to modern JavaScript just for professional embedded developers working in C.

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Development Hardware by Moddable

Moddable has three development boards featuring beautiful IPS screens. Check out the order pages for the hardware specifications and our GitHub repository for the latest software.

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Participate in our Community

On a monthly basis, we host a community call dedicated to discussing the latest in embedded JavaScript news. This includes updates to the Moddable SDK, advancements in ECMA-419, notable events, and intriguing projects. The call is open to everyone in the community, and we welcome announcements and questions from attendees.