Introducing Moddable Display

January 18, 2024

We created Moddable Display to be the first step your project takes out into the real world. After you've done the hard work of creating a project, you want to show it off, use it in your everyday life, or give to your friends and family. The bare development board you used to develop the project won't do. Sure, some development boards have a case, but they often look more like they belong in a toy chest than your living room.

Moddable Display is a beautiful way to bring your projects into your home or office. Its sleek curve and polished surface look great everywhere. Inside is a familiar Moddable development board with an expansion port for additional components.

Elegant Design

To deliver the most elegant appearance possible, the body of Moddable Display is milled from a single piece of polished black acrylic which is then carefully heated and bent to form its distinctive curved shape.

Every aspect of the design shows our attention to detail from the gently sloping angle of the screen to the rubberized non-slip base, from the polished finish to the chamfered corners. The result is intriguing, elegant, and simple.

The clever design of Moddable Display allows you to position it in both portrait and landscape orientations. Choose the orientation that works best for your project. In addition, the touch orientation provides maximum stability for highly interactive projects.

Moddable Display Family

Moddable Display is a family of products. Each member of the family has distinct capabilities, so you can find one that matches your project's needs. Two models feature vibrant color touch screens that are perfect for visually rich user interfaces and highly interactive projects. Two other models subtly blend into your environment using graceful grayscale displays. These continuously show useful information and are always ready for light interactivity. All members of the Moddable Display family include wireless connectivity with Wi-Fi and/or BLE.

Inside each Moddable Display is one of our Moddable development boards. The development board is mounted inside the frame of Moddable Display.

Software Development

Every Moddable Display is fully supported by our Moddable SDK, so you can develop your project using the full power of modern, standard embedded JavaScript. You can also use TypeScript.

Having the right software is essential to perfect user interface for your project. With the Moddable SDK, you have access to our Piu user interface framework and Poco graphics renderer which include advanced features like transparency, timeline animation, alpha blending, SVG and canvas outlines, and dynamic QR code rendering. There's extensive documentation and examples available to get you started, as well as our book.

Because Moddable Display is for developers, every model includes an easily accessible USB connector that can be used to install firmware and debug your projects. When you aren't developing, the USB connector is used to power Moddable Display.

Room to Expand

If your project includes sensors, user inputs, or other components, they can be easily attached to the expansion header. The open back of Moddable Display has plenty of space to tuck the components, and the open-air design is ideal for environmental sensors including temperature, humidity, gas, UV, light, and air quality.

Your Next Step

Moddable Display is a new category of hardware created for developers who want a practical way to get their projects out into the real world. The front of Moddable Display is as elegant as a commercial product, while the back shows off its developer side. Use Moddable Display to make your project part of your daily life, show off to friends, or give as a gift to family. It might even be a step towards creating a commercial product. Whatever your reason, you'll find Moddable Display to be simple, beautiful, and easy.

Moddable Display is available now. Every Moddable Display arrives ready for development -- no assembly or soldering required. Just connect your USB cable to install your project's software. Check out the Moddable Display page to learn more about the different models to choose the one that's right for you.