Moddable Hardware

Moddable Hardware is high-quality, low cost modules that are fully compatible with the Moddable SDK. Our hardware is designed to be paired with the Moddable SDK, eliminating the need for any special set‑up or configuration.

Moddable Display

Moddable Display is the beautiful way to bring your latest project from the workbench to the real world. Each Moddable Display wraps an elegant stand around one of our powerful development boards. The sleek design fits right into your home or office.

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Moddable Development Boards

Moddable One is powered by the breakthrough 80 MHz ESP8266 microcontroller with integrated Wi‑Fi, 4 MB of flash memory, and 80 KB of RAM. It features a bright 2.4" capacitive touch screen.

Moddable Two is powered by the popular ESP32 microcontroller with two 240 MHz CPU cores, integrated Wi‑Fi, and BLE. Its bright 2.4" QVGA IPS touch screen includes a backlight control. With software built on the multitasking ESP‑IDF SDK from Espressif, Moddable Two is powerful enough for the most demanding projects.


Moddable Three features an ePaper screen for elegant, unobtrusive display in any environment. Its 80 MHz ESP8266 microcontroller supports Wi-Fi and renders the display effortlessly. With its low price and ease of software development, Moddable Three is the perfect choice for building connected display projects.


Moddable Four runs for a year on a coin-cell battery thanks to a 64 MHz Nordic nRF52 microcontroller with integrated Bluetooth LE. The reflective display smoothly renders animations at 60 FPS and uses almost no energy when idle. A built-in jog-wheel makes single handed operation of this tiny device fast and easy.

Each thoughtfully designed Moddable Hardware module features:

  • High-quality integrated display
  • Microcontroller module with CPU, RAM, and flash storage
  • Wireless communication using Wi-Fi and/or BLE
  • Expansion pins to add sensors, buttons, lights, motors, and more
  • Programmer port
  • Power connector for stand-alone operation
  • Low profile design with mounting holes to build into your projects
  • Complete documentation including pinouts and board dimensions
  • Extensive collection of example applications

Here are just some of the many ways you can use Moddable Hardware modules:

  • Get started quickly with embedded JavaScript development using the Moddable SDK
  • Prototype new product ideas that incorporate a display
  • Build into your product design
  • Use to build personal projects

The Moddable Programmer is the bridge that connects the USB port of your computer to every Moddable Hardware display module. Use the Moddable Programmer to install your software and then to debug it using xsbug, our JavaScript debugger.