Moddable Programmer

Install and debug software on Moddable Hardware

Designed and built for developers

Connect your computer to Moddable Hardware

The Moddable Programmer is the bridge that connects the USB port of your computer to every Moddable Hardware display module. Use the Moddable Programmer to install your software and then to debug is using xsbug, our JavaScript debugger. The Moddable Programmer also provides power to the display module, so you don't need a separate power cable or power adaptor.

Moddable Programmer Specifications

  • Install software projects on Moddable Hardware display modules
  • Debug projects using the xsbug JavaScript debugger
  • Built using Silicon Labs CP2102 USB-to-UART Bridge
  • Micro-USB 5V input
  • Automatic software installation (no button to push to install)
  • LED power indicator

Moddable Programmer Dimensions