Moddable Three

A versatile, affordable ePaper display with Wi-Fi

Designed and built for developers

Moddable Three features an ePaper display for elegant, unobtrusive display in any environment. The 80 MHz ESP8266 microcontroller with integrated Wi-Fi, 4  MB of flash memory, and 80 KB of RAM has more than enough power to control the display.

With its low price and ease of software development, Moddable Three is the perfect choice for building connected display projects.

Moddable Three Specifications

  • ESP8266 module
    • 80 MHz Xtensa processor
    • Wi-Fi
    • 80 KB RAM
    • 4 MB flash
  • 2.13" ePaper display
    • 250 x 122 pixels
    • 1-bit black and white
    • 4 FPS update rate
    • Maintains image when powered off
  • 11 pins for external components
    • Digital, I²C, PWM, analog input
  • Fits into your project design
    • Thin form factor
    • Mounting holes
  • Power
    • 3.3V and 5V outputs
    • 5V input
  • Moddable Programmer port
    • Install project firmware
    • Connect to xsbug JavaScript debugger
  • Moddable SDK
    • Modern, industry standard JavaScript for rapid development of robust, secure firmware
    • Native C code for performance and integrating existing libraries
    • Piu UI framework for building user interfaces
    • Poco graphics renderer for high performance text and animation
    • 1-bit rendering for ePaper display
    • Secure TLS connections with HTTP, WebSockets, and MQTT
    • Local networking with mDNS
    • Fully open source – available on GitHub
    • Thoroughly documented
    • Hundreds of example apps

Moddable Three Pinouts

The expansion header on Moddable Three has five programmable pins that allow you to communicate with variety of peripherals using digital, analog input, PWM, and I²C. There's also 3.3V and ground pins to power your peripherals.

The programmer header has two additional pins which you can use for serial or digital communication when not using the debugger.

For convenience, there's also a built-in LED and programmable push button.

Moddable Three Dimensions

Working with Moddable Three


(Very Experimental) TypeScript Support in the Moddable SDK

Moddable believes JavaScript is the best language for building IoT products. We’ve heard from many developers that they agree with us, but that it is important to them to be able to use TypeScript.

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View the Developer Guide

The hardware specific Developers Guides are part of the extensive documention available on the Moddable GitHub site.


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Getting the Most from ePaper Displays

One of the defining features of the Moddable SDK is its outstanding support for displays in IoT products. Much of that work has focused on LCD touch screens, but ePaper displays have also been supported from the beginning.

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Web Services Series Part 2: Making Secure Network Requests

The first article of this series describes how to issue HTTP requests in applications built with the Moddable SDK using information from REST APIs. This article builds on the concepts from the first article and explains how to use the Moddable SDK’s TLS stack in applications to make HTTPS requests.

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