Embedded JavaScript Ecosystem

The Embedded JavaScript ecosystem is made up of many organizations, projects, and individuals. Here are just a few that Moddable is proud to be working with.

Monotype Imaging

High-quality font rendering and text layout optimized for embedded

Monotype, the leading provider and font technologies, has long recognized the importance of quality text in IoT products. Their Spark font renderer delivers beautiful anti-aliased fonts at any size on modest embedded hardware. The WorldType Shaper provides sophisticated layout features for any language. Monotype even has fonts optimized for the lightest resource use possible on resource constrained hardware. All of these Monotype technologies are now available for use with the Moddable SDK through Embedded JavaScript APIs.


Automates setup and use of Moddable tools

xs-dev streamlines the installation and configuration of the Moddable SDK tools and embedded platforms with just a few commands. xs-dev is the fastest and easiest way to get started with Embedded JavaScript. xs-dev got beyond managing tools installation, providing commands for creating, modifying, and building projects, discovering example code, and detecting compatible embedded hardware connected to your computer. xs-dev is a true community project, distributed with npm, implemented in TypeScript, and actively accepting contributions from developers.

Node-RED MCU Edition

The leading low-code IoT environment, now on embedded

Node-RED MCU Edition brings the popular Node-RED IoT environment to embedded hardware. Developers use the graphical Node-RED editor in their web browser to build flows from a suite of building blocks called nodes. There are nodes for networking, logic, storage, sensors, timers, user interface, and more. A "function node" adds program logic in standard JavaScript. Flows are deployed to embedded devices using the Node-RED MCU Plugin and debugged in the Node-RED Editor. Node-RED's ease of use makes it a great place for new developers to get started and its powerful capabilities make it a favorite for highly customized commercial and industrial applications.

Ecma International

Standards organization responsible for the JavaScript standards

Ecma International is a well established standards organization headquartered in Geneva, Switzerland and responsible for hundreds of standards. It is the home fr JavaScript language standard ECMA-262, the standard used for Embedded JavaScript. Moddable, an Ecma member, participates in TC39, the committee responsible for JavaScript, to ensure that it remains a language well-suited for embedded use. Moddable helped create TC53, the committee responsible for standardizing Embedded JavaScript APIs. TC53 has published ECMA-419, ECMAScript® embedded systems API specification, and two technical reports.


An easy-to-build companion robot for everyone

Stack-chan is the award-winning, JavaScript driven, super-kawaii robot. It won the silver medal in the prestigious Hackaday competition in 2021 and has since grown into an active community of developers around the world, centered in Japan. Stack-chan is an educational project with the goal of allowing everyone to personalize their own robot. Stack-chan is implemented in Embedded JavaScript to make programming Stack-chan accessible to as many developers as possible. Recent advances include integration of conversations using ChatGPT.


Robotics and IoT JavaScript framework for embedded systems

J5e is a high-level framework for robotics on embedded hardware. Its rich set of features includes servers, motors, relays, sensors, switches GPS, animation, and muc more. It is inspired by the popular Johnny-Five robotics project for Node.js, but runs entirely on embedded hardware, eliminating the need for a separate single-board computer. J5e runs on ESP32 and ESP8266 microcontrollers by building on the ECMA-419 I/O APIs.